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Alberto Rivera (Natural Death?)

Death by natural causes!! That's exactly what they WANT you to think!
Here's what we know about Alberto's death. He died a few weeks after May of 1997 in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. He was 61 and cause of death was listed on the death certificate as an 18 month battle with colon cancer.

We also know that before his death that he called Jack Chick and told him that "the Jesuits finally got me". Read Double Cross and you'll hear about all sorts of failed assassination plots against Alberto. His room was blown up in Ireland, ground glass was stuck in his food at a prayer meeting, he became ill after eating poisoned food, etc. He was even shot at in Chick's presence (in a drive by situation).

Alberto also claimed the Jesuits had a special poison that gave their victims a terminal cancer but left no traces of foul play. Years later, he succumbed to colon cancer. His wife, Nury Rivera, believes she knew when the poison was delivered (four years earlier). She claims it was supposed to kill him right away, and that it was a miracle that he survived another four years. But minor differences in her opinion and her husbands as to the timing of the poison do not seem to matter much.

What DOES matter is her claim about a series of phone calls she received after his death. She told Chick that Catholic Priests called her after her husband died and acted very sympathetic. They said they wanted to know where he was buried so they could conduct "a special service given to priests". She became angry and said they had denied he WAS a priest during his lifetime, and now that he was dead they wanted to give him a priest's funeral. She slammed the phone down in disgust. She figured what they really wanted to do was desecrate the grave.

Chick believes they wanted to do worse, FAR worse. He told friends that he thought the Catholic priests wanted to exhume Alberto's body and "put in on trial". It was a medieval practice they used to perform on heretics that eluded their capture while alive. Jesuits would find the body, dig it up, prop it up, and hold a mock trial, excommunicating the corpse and condemning it to Hell. Torture and mutilation of the body is also rumored to have occurred (as if it could feel it!). But such practices were probably more effective as a deterrent. The Living would hear about these after-death humiliations and become less likely to contradict The Church.

Michael Cicchese reporting (on Sunday Dec 21st 1997) quoted Nury (Rivera, Alberto's Wife)as saying, "They (Jesuits) murdered him. He was poisoned four years ago and was supposed to die right away. But it was a miracle he lived for four years. The Lord wanted him to go around the world."

Alberto told Jack that the guy who poisoned him was an old friend who he thought had also left the church. He visited the US, insisted on making dinner for Alberto, but then Alberto became deathly ill and had to be rushed to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. When he got back, his old friend was gone without any note, never to be heard from again.

Alberto had previously claimed the Jesuits had poisons that made people die of Cancer and thus, look like natural causes.) It was either an unlucky coincidence or grim prophecy that his own death seemed to follow the same M.O.

The Late Jesuit Fr. Alberto Rivera's wife, Nury, Refuses Vatican Bribes After her husband was killed for trying to tell the truth about Vatican and Jesuit Order evil doings, Vatican offered Mrs. Rivera $1 million if she signed a paper saying her husband was delusional and insane. Refusing, her life was then threatened many times, but she continues in spite of threats, trying to inform the world of the satanic nature of the Vatican.

The Following is a reply I received in response to my
posting information on Alberto's poisoning: -

Research "Cancer Causing Retro Viruses" - the AIDS viruses were manufactured via retro viruses supposedly and Alberto claimed that the Vatican used retro virus variations to poison people most likely by the description I read at your site now.

I read some amazing literature on them and did retro virus units in biology classes earlier in my life and its rather simple in theory - a virus injects its RNA into your DNA and then your ribosomes make what the virus RNA says to and your ribosomes can be programmed to make anything!

We make insulin this way. Or you can make MORE viruses this way.

Supposedly the CIA made AIDS, a tumor causing one retrovirus, and a third one when they merged with this research program in the 70's and all three virus creations are called AIDS by the ignorant public. The literature I read was on a myspace account but well researched, BUT it said that the government passed it to the public in Manhattan in 1980 first then Seattle and other locations through a fake research experiment asking for gay men to test a vaccine for Hepatitis.

This is definitely a worth researching one day when you have some free time.


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You are very courageous to share this story! Thank you very much. I will definitely pray for Alberto Rivera's wife and for all those who are struggling against the Jesuits and their evil and hidden agenda.
You can find more information about that on:

I am Jeremiah H. Dollente, a Christian. Before my father died, he told me the story of Alberto and the Black Pope. I can only you pray for your safety and for the prevailing of truth about God's Word. Please, accept my condolences. God bless you.

GOD bless you for posting the TRUTH ABOUT THE LIFE OF rEV. aLBERTO rIVERA... God's protection be upon you and your whole family... we'll certainly spread this news.