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Alberto Rivera Ex Jesuit Priest

Proof that Dr. Alberto Rivera was indeed and Ex-Jesuit Priest

His Jesuit I. D.
This I. D. card was issued by the Spanish government in Spain in 1967, under the rule of the Spanish dictator Franco. His security forces were equally as strict as the Gestapo had been in Germany. To obtain this document, Alberto had to supply birth certificate, identification papers and positive proof from his archdiocese of being a priest. Several security organizations were involved, similar to our CIA and FBI. The priest, Alberto Rivera, had to be approved by all of these organizations to receive this document. There was no way it could have been a forgery. There is no question he was a priest. What you see here is positive proof. This document was granted by a government that had pledged absolute submission to the pope through the concordat signed by the government of Spain and the Vatican. (Quote by Jack Chick's Book “Smokescreens”)

The Vatican and the Jesuits have denied that Alberto was ever a Jesuit priest. They did the same thing to Ex Catholic Priest Bernard Fresenborg. Read his book here: Thirty Years In Hell by Bernard Fresenborg. It is alleged that he too was murdered by the Jesuit Order.

Alberto as a Young Priest

These are some of the last photos taken of Alberto Rivera as the Director of the Parish School in San Lorenzo, Tarrasa, Spain.

Alberto Preaching the Gospel

Following his conversion from Catholicism, Alberto was much in demand as a speaker in churches throughout the world. Traveling extensively, he shared his testimony in person, always remembering to offer his listeners a chance to be saved. He never lost a deeply felt burden to help other Catholics find the same joy and freedom he had found.

Official Certification
Here is the letter that Alberto received from the Archbishop of Madrid-Alcala stating that Alberto was a priest in that archdiocese, and giving him permission to travel broad on church business.
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Was Alberto Really Who He Claimed To Be?

As soon as Alberto Rivera went public with his testimony, the Roman Catholic Church began its damage-control operation. Alberto knew too much! Having been prepared for leadership in the Jesuit order, he had been briefed on things too sensitive to put in writing. Now he was telling the world!

Alberto was immediately denounced as having never been a priest, even though he possessed clear documentation. Christianity Today printed an article written by Gary Metz, attacking Alberto and accusing him of all sorts of things. Alberto refused to spend his life arguing with his accusers. Instead, he just pushed on, preaching the gospel, and trusting God to defend him.

The Lord raised up other Christians who examined the charges against Alberto, and found him to be exactly what he claimed to be. Below is an abundance of evidence. Read it for yourself.



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